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The Luxury of Space

So this week we got to announce the super exciting news that for the second time this year we will be boarding a plane with Bleach and getting International up in here. We've been sitting on the Amsterdam Fringe news for a while now just waiting until everything was fully confirmed and booked in. There would be nothing worse than announcing something that would later fall through. We were so excited about performing in this awesome city anyway but when they told us which venue we would be performing in it took it to a whole new level. We will be performing in Campagnietheatre, a beautiful space right on the water. Just stunning. As fringe performers you get pretty used to performing in strange venues. Places that should be bars, or noisy rooms with no lighting and little seating. We've learnt to make our shows as tiny as possible with only the most necessary of technical needs. So to be performing in a proper venue really is a luxury for us. And don't get me wrong, I love and appreciate all the strange and cool places we get to perform. The joy of fringe spaces is that they all come with their own intimate quirks that keep you on your toes. For instance, Bleach will have to be almost entirely restaged for Edinburgh this year to make the most of a tiny space designed for stand-up comedy. But I'm really looking forward to being in a bigger more traditional space, I mean that's what you imagine when you say you want to be an actor isn't it? The change will take some adjustment. The play will fit great in the bigger space and I'll have more room to play with my performance but I'm going to have to buy a larger floor cloth to allow the set to fill it out more. Plus I'll have to work harder for the sense of claustrophobic intimacy that you get in a small space that works so well for this play. And ticket sales. That's always a worry at any festival and in this venue there's a lot more tickets to sell and, as we just found out in Manchester, it's hard to plug a show in a city you're not physically in. So we will be getting imaginative and marketing our little asses off to make this one work because it really is a huge step up for us. An exciting step. Being chosen for this festival and given such a wonderful space really is a great affirmation that we're doing something right and that all the hard work is paying off. I'm playing with the big boys now!  I can't wait. I really can't. And from what I can see the Amsterdam Fringe looks incredible. So that's it really. We're going to Amsterdam! We have an incredible venue. Bleach is growing once again. Get ready Amsterdam, Tyler's on his way!

Dan x 

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