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Past Projects

I am B-19

I am 24 years old, I grew up in Sandhurt, I have a pet rat called Eddie, I drink my coffee black and I love sugar!

...oh, and I have nine Teflon-coated steel wires pumping electricity into the centre of my brain.

I am patient B-19.


Tyler Everett knows how to take it like a man. He's made a career out of it. But tonight his working routine is about to go spiralling off course and he'll be forced to replay the events that lead him to this point, questioning whether living in London is really worth the cost of rent.

Jesus Camp The Musical

Lucy and Chad are on a quest for enlightenment at a summer camp like no other. Join our 11 year old heroes as they battle with faith, hormones and the never ending urge to break into song at 'Sarah Chastity's Christian Camp for Kids'

Man Enough

Chris is 18 years old and embracing his out-and-proud lifestyle. Along with his best friend and flatmate, Kate, he plans to conquer the world one man at a time. Life is good. Sex, drink and work. But when he stumbles into Joey, a coke addicted rent boy, love and sex will take on a whole new meaning.

Lost & Found

When the house gets messy and the sex becomes routine, a trio of friends are desperate to find meaning in their life. After cleaning the house and packing up a picnic they find themselves embracing the world around them and leaving the life they're used to. After stumbling across a lost child, they have to start making some serious choices.


Rob and Jess, childhood sweethearts, flee their volatile home-life only to fall in with an even worse crowd. They begin living and working at Blaggards, the dirtiest bar in town. Their new landlord, Shade, is a dubious character who coerces them into dealing drugs on the side. But when he's found dead one night, who will get the blame?

Double Negative

To create a strong relationship requires imagination and commitment, something Luke and Alice have in abundance. From the steamy affairs at their photo studio to the dark abuse of their home life, Luke and Alice are by no means functional. But when imagination runs out and the games end, all that's left are the harsh realities.

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