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Become a Supporter

You can donate to support my work at any time by clicking the link below. Anything and everything is appreciated. Thanks!


creating and touring theatre is an expensive business.
every year i strive to create more work and take it to new and exciting places. for this i need support...
these wonderful people have supported me on my journey, allowing me to be the artist you see today. And there's more to come...

PROducing partners
(producers that have taken extra care in growing and advancing my career through working together)

Ronnie Larsen (ronnie larsen presents)
Ron Lasko (Spin Cycle NYC)
Richard lambert (lambco productions)
gavin roach (gavin roach presents)

(these kind people open up their homes to me, making travelling more comfortable and affordable)

Joel Carr & Allan Lester
Peter de groot
St.John hughes

(the amazing people that donate to support the creation and distribution of my creative work)

michael wright
Scott Deeck
jerry l. nickell
joseph guidetti
deborah Reeves
graham reeves
danny curran
terry eastham
jane robin carter
david compton
Karen reeves
charlotte dovey

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