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Growing the show

In three days time I fly out to Amsterdam to perform Bleach at the Amsterdam Fringe Festival. This marks the final stop in this years festival season. I really hope it's not the last stop for Bleach but if it is I've had a bloody good year of it.

Amsterdam is the perfect final stop because we have a beautiful theatre which will allow Bleach to be presented in its strongest form yet. To have ended the run in Edinburgh would have been such a disappointment as we had such a tiny space with the most minimal of technician equipment. When I say minimal, I mean it. One light that could only stay on for the whole show and a basic PA.

For Amsterdam a few things have been changed up. The action will no longer take place inside a white square but instead inside a black square surrounded by a large white border. I think this will make all the props and our white box look much more visually striking. The box no longer lights up but is now a beautiful, pure white and very high gloss affair. Plus this box is super strong and unscrews to fit in a suitcase (thanks Dad!). We have more sound cues than ever before which will bring the show even more to life and we will have lots of scope with lighting when we arrive.

I'm so excited about these changes. Not only am I keen to continue improving the show but it also helps keep it fresh for me as a performer and creator. I love thinking up ideas and making changes and this is the first time Bleach has had a big chance for a shake up.

I'm hoping to film a bit of the show in Amsterdam so people can see how the show has grown and developed. I'll also post some photos of how it looks in this form. I have high hopes. Now we just need to hope it sells well and people like it... minor details.

Can't wait to share more with you soon and this time next week will be the final show. So here we go again...

Dan x 

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