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A different kind of audience

So today is our last performance here at the Amsterdam Fringe and I have to say it's been a total pleasure. Not only is our venue amazing but it's also slap bang in the centre of one of Europe's coolest cities. And the people are so nice here. So welcoming and couldn't be more helpful if they tried. It really has been an amazing trip.

But something that's been interesting has been the difference in audiences here compared to what I'm used to. Firstly, it's unusual to have such a large proportion of your audience (if not all) who don't have English as there first spoken language. Don't get me wrong, the Dutch have exceptional English skills but it's only now I'm fully appreciating how complex some of the language in the show is. There's a lot of slang and unusual words and strange descriptive imagery. These are the sort of things you don't think about back home. This has forced me to perform in a slightly different way. The words remain the same but the way I convey them with my body language has become a lot more descriptive. I try to show things more than I do performing back home which really isn't a bad thing at all.

I'm not saying my audiences here don't know what I'm talking about because I often hear laughs to subtle jokes which tells me they do. And this set of shows has probably bought my most attentive crowds yet. To me at least, they feel engrossed in the story and totally on board for the ride.

It was a worry that the language would be an issue but I think audiences are leaving happy. I'll be leaving Amsterdam happy, that's for sure.

What an awesome place. If you haven't been, you should really visit. And come for the fringe!

So the last show today and then home. Seems too soon. There's still so much to see here.

Dan x 

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