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Leaving the Fringe early

Today is the last day of the Edinburgh Fringe and it seems so strange that it's still been going on all this time after I left. It seems so long ago since I was there.

I love doing the whole month and will of course do it again but there really is something quite empowering about making the choice to do a short run and then being able to walk away form it all. It reminds me in some small way that all of this is a choice that I'm in control of.

Edinburgh can be vicious and I definatly made the right choice to do a short run. The whole month can really ware you down and kill any passion you once had for your show so in future I'm going to bare this in mind when booking myself into festivals. Obviously, I want to perform my shows to as many people as possible and do it as much as I can but being aware of the ultimate price of this is important. Is it worth killing the show for? I also have to consider my own health and moral in these long stints of being away from home. So this year it was the right choice and next year I'll have to make that decision all over again. I've loved taking part in more festivals this year and most festivals do shorter runs so It's worked out really nicely.

But, as I said, Edinburgh is now over even though it was over for me a few weeks ago. Amsterdam is just over a week away so preparations are all happening for that. And then I should write a new show. I really need to write a new show. 

...or I won't be going anywhere next year.

Dan x

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