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Not Enough Time

I’m now entering one of those periods where I feel totally on the back foot. In just a couple of weeks I fly out to Amsterdam to perform Bleach at the Amsterdam Fringe. As I’ve already said, this is a massive deal for me and I’m super excited. But after leaving Edinburgh I jumped straight back into a really full work schedule (normal, boring work) so I’m slipping behind in my preparations.

Edinburgh really does dominate quite a lot of time and now I have a lot to catch up on to be ready for Amsterdam. It’s a tricky balance as I want to give Amsterdam everything I have but equally I need to work as many hours as possible in these few weeks to allow me to go there. It’s a bit of a catch 22. 

Bethan Isn’t coming to Amsterdam so I have to prep Sam on all the technical aspects of the show, of which there will be more this time given the nature of our amazing space. All of this and I still have to sell tickets for the show. Lots of tickets. This is making me a little nervous because, as we found out in Manchester, its not easy to sell tickets in a city you’re not actually in. So any suggestions are very much welcome!

Sorry, I think this is just going to me a tiny, pathetic excuse for a blog, but as fore-mentioned I really do have a lot to be getting on with today. So Goodbye, God-bless, all that jazz and I’ll check in again next week when things have hopefully calmed down a bit.

Dan x

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