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So, I’ve just starting writing something new. Actually, we, as a company, are working on a few new things. We’re at the very start of the creating process where we have tiny slivers of inspiration to start working with.

I love this part. When something finally clicks enough for you to actually start trying to put it down on the page and start discussing it and brainstorming all the exciting possibilities. It’s a massive ‘Phew’ moment to know that the ideas haven’t dried up and you’re not going to be waiting months on end for something to come to mind.

It’s like an explosion of ideas. Millions of pieces in the air and it’s your job to grab as many of those parts as you can and bring them back together to create something amazing.

And that’s really what’s so difficult about it. Because this isn’t just an explosion of one item. It’s there, for sure; one exploded item that fits perfectly together. But it’s really the result of a larger demolition, an attack on our ideas and creativity. There’s so much in there and although some of it is really great… it’s not actually part of that final perfect object at all and it’s your job to work out what works and what doesn’t. Keeping your inspiration and ideas on track from one day to the next is not always easy…

Personally, I’m inspired by pretty much everything. Which in many ways is really useful, but it also means that once I have an idea I have to be really careful what I’m exposing myself to. What was intended to be a serious drama could become a stand-up comedy overnight if I end up watching a particularly good sit-com on Netflix. This makes it very difficult to hold onto the initial idea that hit me strong enough to put pen to paper. I have to do my best to get it all down as quickly as possible before the idea slips and warps. All of it. I can’t discuss it too much because that could send me spiralling of course and confuse the fragile image in my head.

There’s nothing wrong with a bit of slip and movement, you have to be flexible. But the original vision has to be recorded quickly. Super-fast. Which leads to the next problem… time!

I work a full time job. Of course I do. I’m a regular person who has to pay rent and council tax and feed the dog. And after an eight hour shift you don’t always feel like sitting down in front of yet another screen. This is the challenge I face all the time and I know I’m not alone. Trying to be creative and get work done while still surviving the daily grind is tricky. Trying to conjure up inspiration when I have the chance and not always when it comes naturally. Sometimes I’ll have a wave of ideas at work, but alas, I’m on the phone to someone about stationary. I jot down a few notes on my phone and hope to god they still make sense and click by the time I get home. And if they do, I hope I have the energy to get them down before they fade even more.

When I get this first draft done I’ll know what I’m working with. God, I can’t wait to get it done. In my head I could be done by next week. But only if everything aligns perfectly. And I have a friend’s birthday this weekend. So there’s that. And I’m already tired. And soon I’ll be back to work again. And the days are short in winter. But I’ll try… I’m trying.

I'll probably only end up having to tear the whole thing apart again afterwards anyway.

Dan x

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