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Man enough

written by dan ireland-reeves

original songs by bethan francis

Chris is 18 years old and embracing his out-and-proud lifestyle. Along with his best friend and flatmate, Kate, he plans to conquer the world one man at a time. Life is good. Sex, drink and work. But when he stumbles into Joey, a coke addicted rent boy, love and sex will take on a whole new meaning.


A new play about first loves and true friendship, with original live music and witty dialogue.


Chris- Dan Ireland-Reeves

Joey- Jake Flowers

Kate= Bethan Francis

Woking, surrey

25th april 2014

dianthus, woking

international dublin gay theatre festival

5th-10th may 2014

the teachers club, dublin

edinburgh fringe festival

31st july-24th august 2014

the phoenix, edinburgh

"A confident and winning production"




"Resonates with both LGBT and straight audiences alike"

The Huffinton Post

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