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i am b-19

written and performed by

Dan Ireland-Reeves

After gaining international acclaim with his award-winning show, Bleach, Dan Ireland-Reeves presents a brand new solo show based on true events. In the 1970’s Dr Robert Galbraith conducted a series of controversial experiments on patient B-19; implanting electrodes into his brain in an attempt to modify his sexual orientation and turn him straight. In this contemporary retelling, you are invited to join B-19 on this journey and delve into his damaged but ultimately hopeful mind.

Based on a true story, 'I am B-19' is a brutal account of when science and the desire to be "normal" collide with horrific consequences. Laced with humour and hope, award-winning writer Dan Ireland-Reeves sheds light on both LGBT history and the fragility of its future.

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streamed online as part of stockholm fringe festival during the 2020 national covis-19 lockdown.

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