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written by dan ireland-reeves

and bethan francis

A two man play telling the grim, urban tale of a pair of teenage runaways who come unstuck. Rob and Jess, childhood sweethearts, flee their volatile home-life only to fall in with an even worse crowd. They begin living and working at 'Blaggards', the dirtiest bar in town. Their new landlord, Shade, is a dubious character who coerces them into dealing drugs on the side. But when he's found dead one night, who will get the blame?


Jess- Bethan Francis

Rob- Dan Ireland Reeves

woking, surrey

12th july 2013

woking youth arts centre, woking

edinburgh fringe festival

1st-25th july 2013

the three sisters, edinburgh

"Captures the voice of a generation"

The Scotsman

"Fast, Fresh and Funny"

DeadBird Review

"Darkly funny and so so slick"

Peer Productions

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